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Oh Gosh It's March

It's been so long since December.
I was skimming through my old posts and I realized I wrote about things I didn't think I would write about. It's wierd. My writing changed too.

Scheduling is finally over. It took me even longer to decide this year than it did last year. So here are the classes that I will be toiling through next year if all goes fine and dandy:

ap 12  literature
ap 12 gov/econ
ap calc ab
ap chinese 5
wind ensemble
marching band (PE/Art)

Ever since I moved to CA, my math has been off by a year T.T
It took me the longest time to decide between ap chinese and spanish 4.
I'm an English nerd, can't you tell? x]
I'm really excited for ap lit next year. the teacher's a cute old lady who can TEACH. she reads to her class in different voices and has a great sense of humor. lots of work unfortunately.

Last thing. I'm going to Boston, MA from the 3-6th of April to visit Wellesley College. Sadly, I don't think I'm allowed to visit MD. :[



hey. so i found a list of good quotes and i was just like, woa hey these are nice. ill post some of them here and tell me if any of them are better than the others and ill use it for a project.

1. Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt and live like it's heaven on Earth." - Mark Twain

2. Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. - Albert Camus

3. What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful. - Scott Westerfeld.

4. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss

5. Don't cry beause it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

6. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. - Maya Angelou

7. Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." - C.S. Lewis

they aren't in any particular order or anything. although i may have been slighly biased.


long time no see

wow it's been a long time. i dont even remember when the last time was that i posted. been a long while cuz my dad set up blocks on my old laptop, including a block for LJ. :/ but that one crashed recently and now iv got a netbook.
very handy and easy to carry, these netbooks are. although im still wondering why i can't make the font size go back to where it was without overdoing it, iv begun to like this new small replacement. it has windows 7 and all, but i can't see why critics liked it. i can't tell any major differences, or maybe just not yet.

so yesterday i jumped another year older and i feel old already. hm im 16. feels odd to say so. and sad since i can't drive and can't really see any light of hope through the tunnel yet.

hm whatelse. oh food. i made cookies out of cake mix, the funfetti thing, and it was like eating sugar. don't go by the recipe given ever. add some extra flour and oi/milk to make up for the excess sugar. it takes good otherwise. my friend said it's like a cake in cookie form. i think im going to buy more of that stuff. plus it looks pretty what with the rainbow sprinkles. quite festive.

i cant try out for norcal or allstate htis year. says mom. QQ im expecting to hear some great achievements from the east coast. :]

ugh for spanish i must practice those dances i just learned. necesito extra credit. :/

hm being treasurer is more than a pain when deliveries of jackets come 3 weeks after the promised date. and a hassle to sort out. :P

hows life.


It's a Seal!

I haven't posted in awhile. again. I guess if I don't have pictures, I don't feel the nagging urgency to post, and thus I can not make myself.

So before I go on another long picture gallery, I will summarize the contents of my life in th3.5 weeks before school starts.
Tuesday 7am - Lovely Kiwanis meeting. free breakfast at Marriot Hotel. if i get a ride T.T
Wednesday - Tutor some lovely senior citizens in computer basics. then library time yesss. bassoon lesson :P
Thursday - 10AM marching band leaders meeting. 8-9PM key club officers' major planning time.
Friday - dear michelle's sweet 16
Saturday - sacramento
Sunday - SAT. fun.
Monday - Friday - marching band camp. (aka burn in the sun)
Sunday - "shopping" with little kids at the San Jose Elementary School at the nonprofit  "store"
Tuesday - Thursday - orientation days/club booth mania
Saturday - Spaghetti FEED. :]
Wednesday - the 6am mornings start. *weep

that is that the way to do a summary but oh well.
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i'd give anything to go back to MD tho.


Ah it's july already. darn it. im not a big fan of junior year. already.

About two weeks ago, I went to Lake Tahoe at the stateline of California and Nevada. pretty big blue lake. i seem to be going to a lot of scenery places this year.


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that was a very short sample, but yea great place.

the county fair is going on at the moment. pictures of that may come up later.



chomp chomp

ahem i guess ill be the most obvious biter but i hope she's not gonna mind . cuz i honestly lack the creativity and hyperness to come up w/ something better.

the contents of my sophmore year: 
- ran over by club duties (but loved it)
- hey AP bio isn't that... bad. sorta. ok maybe.
- new buddies
- baked a lot of cookies (peanut butter ones especially)
- band trip to disneyland :D
- learned a lot about heart relationships ... idk what kind of face to make.
- met lots of lots of lots buddies from HS around here.
- yay bassoon skills improved
- halfway picked up piano again
- ice skating yayayyayayyay (for fun i mean)
- INDIAN kids can be better than asian ones
- old, asian ap bio teachers can flip pancakes.... well.
- first sat ii test... not so bad i hope.
- used fbook a lot less due to parent restrtictions
- read a lot
- realized this years seniors can actually act like seniors. towards the end of the year.
- more weird mood swing times
- discovered i can't write application essays for crap
- learned there's such a thing as a sour sixteen
- went to anaheim and fell in love w/ key club
- sold a lot of cold Costco turkey wraps for fundraisers
- ate a lot of dumplings and not enough indian food

my list isn't as exciting. darn it. oh well must go eat mexican food and meet w/ key clubbers.


summah time

ok so like 3 more 1/2 days of finals and then we are over and out. ok, well then graduation ceremony the next day, but that doesn't count. .... graduation. *sniff* ... I'm gonna MISS THE SENIORS!

yesterday that money of a brother turned 9. creeps. he's getting pretty old, which isn't good for me cuz that means im really getting old. ah crap. i miss the days when we fit into the little kiddie rides and go bumping along in metal bumble bees, laughing like the world was ours.

and one last comment: WTH. how is my HS the greenest school in America? we have uh, that solar panel and maybe a good enough environmentalist clubbies, but there must be hecka stuff idk about. the two guys who wrote the essay and apps for this contest (and won) are in my classes, and seeing their intelligence/BS skills, it's pbb not a wonder i guess. so we won this "super" hybrid bus worth over 20K and that's legit at least. but then agian aren't we hogging all this greeness? why not give it to a school that really needs some green in its life.

ok enough rambling. pictures when i come back. g2g for chinese school dammit. last one! of my life i hope.


hey people, did you know that may can be one of the weirdest months?

last weekend i went to yosemite national park and got burned by the sun, chilled by the mist, and overpowered by the urge to take too many pictures. but yosemite really is a beautiful place in may, especially towards the second half. during this time the waterfalls actually have tons of water flowing, unlike fall or most of winter.

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feel better lili :]


DISNEYLAND. the land of mouse. lovely place to go for tour. recording session was quite awesome. our sight-reading could have been better tho. the conductor was pretty cool, some famous composer/keyboard performer/accomplished musician. we played some stuff from the Dinosaur movie, Return to the Neverlands(?), and Atlantis. then recorded ourselves as the music for the film. pretty cool. and then we got to play live in disney california adventure.
there's a disneyland california adventure is just like another theme park for disney, just right across. literally entrance facing entrance.

ok time to post pictures. imma use LJ cut CORRECTLY this time. just watch.
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ok ok how's life. AP BIO test monday. crapps.
tell me when you find yourself looking at mickey on a rectangular peice of paper kay lili?

imma go eat melons.

cmea at school

ok i know last time i said when i come back, there'd be pictures of the asian world, but i didn't get anything. :[ lack of going to asian-place-shopping last weekend. studying and sat ii bio and aps...

main point tho, CMEA IS AT MY SCHOOL. its sorta hard to believe to me still that my school's facilities would ever be good enough to have CMEA here. we're not hosting it or anything, but they needed someplace cuz the university they usually have it at is suddenly charging them 123874297384$ so yea. i wanted to stay afterschool and tmr to help but we're not hosting it, just letting them use the place, so they technically shoudl have ppl, but it's still pretty exciting seeing how there are lots of richer schools around here. oh but we hav to perform early in the morning. T.T

but yea tmr after CMEA, i get to go the park and help run carnival games for little kids who are there to be adorable children and play and watch the duck (rubber ducky) race at the lake. local charity/school fundraiser thing.

ah crap STAR testing next week. stupid stupid stupid. i hate standardized tests.

ok so uhm ill add a few pictures anyway...

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ok i know wasn't that interestinggg???