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ok so i finally remembered

ok from back in like... november, i said id take pictures of the asian world in california and then never got around to doing that.
i guess i forgot about it for awhile because every weekend i kept remember towards the end of sunday ... x.x
and then the camera was taken from my control for awhile.
but now it is back (for now) and i shall take pictures! esp. since its break and i MUST remember. yea. yea. ok
bbl later w/ pictures.

lili i wanna see your new kitty. now. :D

(and uhm i was bored and made a twitter account. )


10 day countdown

SPRING BREAK :D only 10 days tho. oh well.

its was super warm. but now it looks like it'll rain again and its cold.

YOSWIRL frozen yogurt place FUNDRAISER for key club :] and even though its just for our high school key club, many people from other high schools are going! i love the key club spirit and care. mostly since DCON was last week and ppl still miss the new friends made from DCON. District Convention Cali-Nev-Ha was the BEST WEEKEND EVER! so many spirit battles, helpful workshop, meeting/electing district executive board officers, dance, NEW BUDDIES, photo-whoring... :]

DCON picsCollapse )



key club DCON

ah so only a week and a half until spring break :]
which means more cramming for ap bio and a sat II bio class :P
but also get to get up late and be lazy and BAKE :D

day 11 since the upsetting day and im feeling somewhat better. stopped crying at least.
Key Club International District Convention in Anaheim friday to sunday!! *cheers* i expect it will be the best weekend ever. (unitl the disney land band tourl.)
Cali-Nevada-Hawaii District! so many ppppllzzzz.
so much spirit.
our school key club mascot is Kirbyyyy!! the pink ball ish thing that fights the forces of evil!

lalaallala. missing a friday of school  means i need to go and be ahead of schedule by 2 days. great great great.

omg it stopped raining. yesss. bye rain, for another 9 months or so.

grinning randomly

 ok im having this random period of over-smiling and happy grins taking over. like what the? i dont get why im so smiley all of a sudden. im not even...happy. im just smiling a lot. wtl. i dont get it.
this is really a complete opposite of my last few days that iv spent crying multiple times a day because i discovered how painful it can be to watch someone changing and turning away from you when it seemed like they were the best part of your life just a few weeks ago.

and uhm now i feel like smiling and grinning and can't stop. whaaaaaat?
nothing's changed to that makes anything better. its just... all the same. so what am i doing smiling so excessively.
i blame it on being 15 and old. 

3 weeks till spring break.


ok so completely failing life at the moment.
and scheduling for the next year's classes is always so depressing. its trying to plan one's future and coming to the realization that one's future depends on what's done in the years of most non-productive feeling. and not to mention there's no goal, no directional light in the horizon cuz the fog is being greedy. ok so yea but i wanna hear what ppl wanna be/have planned for themselves so at least i know somwhere in the world it's all well-planned for. ah i quite admire ppl with a direction.

anyway besides that. cmea solo/ensemble tmr. and i will die. period.
( i feel bad for my accompanist for having to play with a such a failing person. maybe i can present some slight worth tmr.)

omg the rain im going to MURDER it. why must it keep raining. ok well perhaps its decided to stop today. but still that doesn't help being wet. oh but even after so much dripping and coldness and fat drops of water, we're still in drought. wtl.

ok i must sound like some pessimistic loser.

the one thing that makes me happy i pbb shouldn't say to much about or else like i could be dead if in case mis padres decide to raid my life. which im quite sure they hav half-way by now. but "secretively".

i post like once or twice a month. me sucks.

what else. hmmmmmmmm ok AP us history is going to suck. history now is like ehhhhhh. and well at least we'll be more  used to craploads of busywork more than the kids in other teachers' easier classes.

ok hav a good life and comment please. its uplifting to hear from ppl.


I'm tired

im really tired. i wish i could work hard for more than 2 days in a row. :/ this really sucks. i get tired so easily now. i need more sleep too i guess. but i should be able to live with less sleep like i used to but now things are strangely tiring. i dont want to go through another huge busy day, but who has a choice in their lives anymore. really.

i sound depressed.

am i? not sure. dont ask me.

hm good things... what good things hav gone on... well i guess 1st semester ended better than i had hoped for.  (but 2nd semester is starting out crappy). iv gotten enough club stuff done and my service hours are finally officially recorded, for the most part (but the service coordinator hasn't passed my latest service event since forever). iv gotten to practice bassoon at a more daily rate (but i need more time each day). chabot invitational band festival friday (but im not as excited as i would have been last yr). i realize i tend to more laughing/smiling/focused at school than at home. a lot more. :/

meh i need to work. now.

(anyone know a good joke?)


one more day

so midterms will finally be over tomorrow. these half days are very nice and all but i end up procrastinating so much. ok well like it feels like i dont have that much studying to do left, but i actually do. and im not being very productive. i could even procrastinate on studying with something that actually counts as getting something done at least. like making something.

i want go play some yiruma...
warning. about to go on weird asian music rant. iv realized that a few korean groups are starting to sing chinese and sometimes japanese. more than before i guess. DBSK for one. im not positive about exactly what happened to Suju but SujuM has a few awesome chinese speakers. all these asian groups mixing in languages. i know fei lun hai (TW) has tried japanese, but uh to me, i think that didn't go as well as hoped. jj lin has a sorta old hit with a small bit of korean. i hear, supposedly, koreans are interested in learning chinese now. dont hit me if you dont think so. im not quite sure if i believe it tho it might be possible.

tomorrow should be a good day i hope. only one final. then ill be done with all the lner;lkaehrlawiher moments. and then a weekend of semirest. i shoudl really get ahead on some things so that im not completely stuffed the next week. what with 8 hours of city honor band and then more and then concert... and key club conclave meeting idk if i can go to since my weekend is filled. hmmm im rather looking foward to the ARCs (advanced reading copies) programs for Literarly Club at the main library. service hours for reading unpublished copies of books and reviewing. oh darn i have to let the service coordinator/teacher at our school 'approve'/know about it.




red world

haha happy chinese new year :]
i love that cow. he looks so happy eh? *cough* (rather lost too)

oh well. hows your life going? 
i wish i could go to beijing right now and eat wonderful foods. and like not hav school on monday. ok well no, have school, cept just have it be a fun day. and not 2 days before finals omg. -.-

i think next year it'll be in the middle of february or something. a bit late but after finals at least.

happy chinese new year and tell me about your life.
im going to go watch the festival/performance/show thing for chinese new year they always have.


it worked!

ah ok so since the embedding works pretty well... ill be adding more. is there a limit to how many videos we can add onto each post? cuz if not then ill put them all on one. ill try.

kagamine len videosCollapse )

ahh kagamine len and rin are so nice.
hm i think iv gotten more emailed links for more videos from my buddie today. ill go check them.
later then.

(oh do tell me what you think even if you hate it.)

ok yea i know long time no see my fault


ok ok so yea i know i havn't posted in a long long long time. i need to be more productive normally so i hav more time for stuff like this. i guess i shoudl have more time now that im off gmail/facebook/aim more. but the thing is like... rarely does anyone comment cept lili dear but oh well.
so the video is of this one story one of my buddies and i hav been completely crazy over. its about these two twins and the ending is so much like a tale of two cities. that books is one of the best. even if its a sophie english class book. :P

hmmm i wonder if that works. ok well i really like the song, of which the original is with synthetic voices and sorta creepy i tihnk. the plotline is basically the princess is the twin of her loving brother and servant. there's a redhaired girl who begs something of the princess, who is evil and corrupt i guess, so she acts unfairly. then she spots this guy she likes... but he already loves the green-haired girl. the princess' twin/servant falls in love with the green-haired girl immediately, which makes the princess extremely sad and jealous. so she orders the death of the green-haired girl. so her twin goes and kills the green-haired girl even though it hurts him so much. the townspeople eventually can not put up w/ this cruelty anymore so they revolt, led by the red-haired girl from before. the servant doesn't want his princess to die, so they switch clothes and he dies a guillotine-like death in her place. 悪ノ召使 servant of evil. len and rin.