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cmea at school

ok i know last time i said when i come back, there'd be pictures of the asian world, but i didn't get anything. :[ lack of going to asian-place-shopping last weekend. studying and sat ii bio and aps...

main point tho, CMEA IS AT MY SCHOOL. its sorta hard to believe to me still that my school's facilities would ever be good enough to have CMEA here. we're not hosting it or anything, but they needed someplace cuz the university they usually have it at is suddenly charging them 123874297384$ so yea. i wanted to stay afterschool and tmr to help but we're not hosting it, just letting them use the place, so they technically shoudl have ppl, but it's still pretty exciting seeing how there are lots of richer schools around here. oh but we hav to perform early in the morning. T.T

but yea tmr after CMEA, i get to go the park and help run carnival games for little kids who are there to be adorable children and play and watch the duck (rubber ducky) race at the lake. local charity/school fundraiser thing.

ah crap STAR testing next week. stupid stupid stupid. i hate standardized tests.

ok so uhm ill add a few pictures anyway...

grasslands. i like the color of the sky but that's about it. and like the grass is actually green cuz the rain decided to stay around longer than usual this year.

the horses seem lonely, but then again, around here you just see random horses/cows grazing.

hm the ranch houses i guess. i still like the sky best. and it makes the vegetation look greener.

the rolling hills. to me, they look so... well-rounded. abnormal almost.


ok i know wasn't that interestinggg???



Apr. 25th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
hehehe you used the cut wrong, you gotta put everything you wanna say into the cut :P
but anyway

what is CMEA? it sounds fun, anyway :P plus CARNIVAL GAMES OMG
Apr. 25th, 2009 12:57 am (UTC)
YEA i noticed right after. i had highlighted everything, but then it apparently it erased itself.
but i edited it. x]

lol remember MMEA? maryland music educator's association?
cept CMEA is california.
those band adjudications....

haha yeaa i hav to remember to bring a stool or be sore the rest of the day.