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DISNEYLAND. the land of mouse. lovely place to go for tour. recording session was quite awesome. our sight-reading could have been better tho. the conductor was pretty cool, some famous composer/keyboard performer/accomplished musician. we played some stuff from the Dinosaur movie, Return to the Neverlands(?), and Atlantis. then recorded ourselves as the music for the film. pretty cool. and then we got to play live in disney california adventure.
there's a disneyland california adventure is just like another theme park for disney, just right across. literally entrance facing entrance.

ok time to post pictures. imma use LJ cut CORRECTLY this time. just watch.

me, jiejie, cousin ('family') jungle tour

tom sawyer steamboat, behind it is the top of the big thunder railroad roller coaster thing

it's a small world. we've all been there.

i was reading Maximum Ride while in line for Matterhorn. apparently to some ppl that's unacceptable :P

i took pictures while on the matterhorn roller coaster. taking pictures on roller coasters; try it sometime. x]

on the small world boat. see the wonderful giraffe-looking-bush-structure thing? i swear it threatened to eat us.

the turkey leg screaming for help.

fireworks! :] (such light pollution) just discovered -1 slow shutter is great x]

sleeping beauty's castle. (great, but nothing like cinderella's i must say. no offense, bedbeauty.)

holy crap, me = asian tourist. O.o

mr. toad and i (about to be on the wind in the willows ride. i had no idea that was disney. -_-")

storybook land has an amazingly fairytale-ish stream. oh wait but that's just the point isn't it. nvm.

i love thate cottage. its gonna be my retirement home.

pretty mad teacup lanterns at night. :D

main street disneyland at night. shops = candy/icecream/fortunes = :]

LOOK. i brought back pluto. cept he sorta ate too much or something. x]

ok ok how's life. AP BIO test monday. crapps.
tell me when you find yourself looking at mickey on a rectangular peice of paper kay lili?

imma go eat melons.


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May. 10th, 2009 01:35 am (UTC)
oh my GODDDDDdd that looks like so much fun D: I'M JEALOUS
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