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chomp chomp

ahem i guess ill be the most obvious biter but i hope she's not gonna mind . cuz i honestly lack the creativity and hyperness to come up w/ something better.

the contents of my sophmore year: 
- ran over by club duties (but loved it)
- hey AP bio isn't that... bad. sorta. ok maybe.
- new buddies
- baked a lot of cookies (peanut butter ones especially)
- band trip to disneyland :D
- learned a lot about heart relationships ... idk what kind of face to make.
- met lots of lots of lots buddies from HS around here.
- yay bassoon skills improved
- halfway picked up piano again
- ice skating yayayyayayyay (for fun i mean)
- INDIAN kids can be better than asian ones
- old, asian ap bio teachers can flip pancakes.... well.
- first sat ii test... not so bad i hope.
- used fbook a lot less due to parent restrtictions
- read a lot
- realized this years seniors can actually act like seniors. towards the end of the year.
- more weird mood swing times
- discovered i can't write application essays for crap
- learned there's such a thing as a sour sixteen
- went to anaheim and fell in love w/ key club
- sold a lot of cold Costco turkey wraps for fundraisers
- ate a lot of dumplings and not enough indian food

my list isn't as exciting. darn it. oh well must go eat mexican food and meet w/ key clubbers.



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Jun. 21st, 2009 02:43 pm (UTC)
man i can't believe you went on a band trip to disneyland :|
i think your soph year sounds pretty excitingggg
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