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It's a Seal!

I haven't posted in awhile. again. I guess if I don't have pictures, I don't feel the nagging urgency to post, and thus I can not make myself.

So before I go on another long picture gallery, I will summarize the contents of my life in th3.5 weeks before school starts.
Tuesday 7am - Lovely Kiwanis meeting. free breakfast at Marriot Hotel. if i get a ride T.T
Wednesday - Tutor some lovely senior citizens in computer basics. then library time yesss. bassoon lesson :P
Thursday - 10AM marching band leaders meeting. 8-9PM key club officers' major planning time.
Friday - dear michelle's sweet 16
Saturday - sacramento
Sunday - SAT. fun.
Monday - Friday - marching band camp. (aka burn in the sun)
Sunday - "shopping" with little kids at the San Jose Elementary School at the nonprofit  "store"
Tuesday - Thursday - orientation days/club booth mania
Saturday - Spaghetti FEED. :]
Wednesday - the 6am mornings start. *weep

that is that the way to do a summary but oh well.

First stop: Chinatown

THE frog. ... or toad.

on a cable car :]

Ghirardelli chocolate. this is where it's AT.

i am so not letting go

san francisco

anyone know what this is called? ( idk)

the legendary alcatraz: former prison for THE worst

its a seal! :D

that is some awesome graffiti art.

san francisco homes. lovely colors eh?
i'd give anything to go back to MD tho.



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Aug. 10th, 2009 11:45 pm (UTC)
ahahaha those pictures are awesomeeee! omg i want some chocolate now
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