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Oh Gosh It's March

It's been so long since December.
I was skimming through my old posts and I realized I wrote about things I didn't think I would write about. It's wierd. My writing changed too.

Scheduling is finally over. It took me even longer to decide this year than it did last year. So here are the classes that I will be toiling through next year if all goes fine and dandy:

ap 12  literature
ap 12 gov/econ
ap calc ab
ap chinese 5
wind ensemble
marching band (PE/Art)

Ever since I moved to CA, my math has been off by a year T.T
It took me the longest time to decide between ap chinese and spanish 4.
I'm an English nerd, can't you tell? x]
I'm really excited for ap lit next year. the teacher's a cute old lady who can TEACH. she reads to her class in different voices and has a great sense of humor. lots of work unfortunately.

Last thing. I'm going to Boston, MA from the 3-6th of April to visit Wellesley College. Sadly, I don't think I'm allowed to visit MD. :[



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Mar. 9th, 2010 02:07 am (UTC)
i ove your writing angela!! ( on tumblr too!!)

lol chinese........

omggggg if i visit colleges (i don't thin i'm visiting wellesley though) around the same area around the same time, we can see each other!1
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